Freedom Cervical Disc

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Freedom Cervical Disc



  • Viscoelastic core provides stability while simulating the capabilities of healthy human disc
  • Intended to facilitate the relief of neck pain and restoration of normal spinal function for patients with DDD
  • One-piece design simplifies surgical implantation
  • Rails and bead-coated titanium endplates keep device securely in place


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The Freedom Cervical Disc is indicated for spinal arthroplasty in skeletally mature patients with symptomatic cervical degenerative disc disease from C3-C7.

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The Freedom® Cervical Disc (FCD) is intended to replace degenerated cervical discs. The FCD polymer core is designed to provide the kind of stiffness similar to that found in healthy human discs. The viscoelastic core of the FCD responds to different loads and loading rates the way a human spine does. The material characteristics of the polymer used in all Freedom® Discs, in combination with their design, provide both stability and three-dimensional motion that biomechanical testing has shown functions within the natural biomechanics of the spine. The Freedom® Cervical Disc is designed to withstand the forces and wear characterised by decades of use as an implant in relatively young patients.