Moving Forward

Our History

Founded back in 2016, we’re a medical device distribution company operating in Brisbane, Australia. We started Medivance with a mission to drive better surgical outcomes for nurses, surgeons, and most importantly, patients. With a focus in spinal surgery we combine innovation and leading technology to provide superior medical solutions in the operating room. Focussing on the most advanced technologies within the spinal surgery field, we provide solutions varying from physiologic disc replacement and surface technology to fixation systems. Our extensive portfolio of medical device technology can assist surgeons in providing the highest standard of patient care.

Our Medivance team understands the collaborative nature of the medical industry and how it nurtures innovative ideas. So we partner with world class companies in our industry to the advantage of our own company but also for the growth in medical device technology.

Medivance has distribution rights for Ulrich Medical, Life Spine, Privelop Spine, AxioMed and Synergy Biomedical, as well as strategic partnerships with RTI Surgical, Precision Surgical and Matrix Medical.

Moving Forward

Our Partners